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Air BNB are an online broker who match people looking for places to stay with people who are able to rent out rooms in desirable areas. There may be many reasons you need the Air BNB contact number, including contacting Air BNB complaints. For large companies like Air BNB, it can be frustrating to try and track down the Air BNB phone number, and as they are not primarily located in the UK, it can be twice as difficult to find the Air BNB UK number. Calling the Air BNB helpline is inevitably the easiest and fastest way to contact them if you have a query or complaint, but they are also available to contact online if there is no direct emergency that does not require an urgent response.

Use our call connection number to be patched through to the AirBNB contact number, and speak to a member of their UK customer service team now.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call AirBNB directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

AirBNB customer service020 3318 1111
AirBNB complaints020 3318 1111
AirBNB reviews020 3318 1111
AirBNB emergency numberClick Here
AirBNB London020 3318 1111
AirBNB accounts020 3318 1111
AirBNB technical support020 3318 1111
AirBNB cancellations020 3318 1111
AirBNB Head Office020 3318 1111
AirBNB corporate020 3318 1111

Why may I need to use the Air BNB contact number?

There are a number of reasons you may need to contact the Air BNB phone number. Most queries to Air BNB UK will fall under two categories, either urgent or non-urgent. For non-urgent enquiries, you can still contact the Air BNB helpline, but you may also consider contacting them by email, or via there social media channels. There are a number of reasons that you could contact the Air BNB team with something that isn't urgent.


Air BNB UK, and also Air BNB in other countries are primarily an internet based organisation. The main aim of the company is for you to be able to book online, however there still may be occasions when you need to speak to an actual person to confirm availability. No matter how good the website is, there still may be glitches, and available dates may look incorrect.


Prices are another factor that can look incorrect on the website, causing you to contact the Air BNB helpline. Although the people renting out their accommodation set their own prices, if something looks either far too expensive or far too cheap you still may need to call the Air BNB contact number to confirm. Sometimes, there may also be added fee's that are not stated entirely, so you may need to call to get a rough estimate of what to expect to pay when you get there.

Special requests

As Air BNB UK markets itself as a direct alternative to hotels, many of the people who are renting will offer little extra's that most hotels would to make your trip special. If you want a special request for a honeymoon or a special occasion, you can contact the Air BNB contact number to see if they can speak to the landlord and arrange something on your behalf. This can also be done online, but speaking to Air BNB through their helpline will be more direct and give you peace of mind it definitely gets done.

Why else may I need to use the Air BNB contact number?

Another reason you may need to call Air BNB is to make complaints. For this, you can get straight through to the complaints department. You can call the Air BNB helpline, or their direct Air BNB complaints number. There are a number of reasons why guests may need to make complaints.

The accommodation wasn't up to standard

We've all been in a situation where accommodation isn't exactly up to standard. Sometimes it can be a miscommunication, and sometimes it is genuinely down to negligence on the part of the people who rent out the accommodation. Although these kind of complaints may not seem like they are urgent, a lot of companies may have clauses whereby you cannot claim compensation if you complain after a certain time, so it is best to address any problems as soon as you get back.

Something was wrong on your booking

If something was wrong on your booking, this can be inconvenient and stressful. It may be something that you need to contact the Air BNB complaint number about as soon as you arrive, especially if your room has not been booked for the right amount of people, or you have not got the right amount of rooms. As Air BNB UK are an intermediary, it is usually easy to come to an agreement with the property owner. You will need to contact the Air BNB helpline when you get back to make your complaint and figure out what compensation or refunds you are entitled to.

If the situation is urgent, and there is nowhere for you or members of your party to stay, you will need to contact Air BNB UK urgently. You can call the Air BNB complaints number from abroad, and Air BNB will often have a different number for each country. At best, you should be able to resolve the issue from wherever you are staying.

Your booking was not there

Again, how easily this can be rectified depends entirely on the landlord. If the booking is not there, and the room is available, you can usually sort this out with the landlord, and then call the Air BNB complaints number when you get home to arrange compensation or a refund. The landlord may also want to lodge a complaint using the Air BNB complaint number, as this is the same for landlords and tenants.

If you cannot arrange with the landlord for somewhere to stay, then you will need to call Air BNB urgently. Calling the Air BNB complaints helpline will usually get you through to an adviser quickly. going forward from there, Air BNB should be able to help you to rectify the issue.


Although Air BNB are a registered UK company, they only act an an intermediary between customers and people who rent their properties. If you are travelling abroad, it is still advisable to look up information on local numbers and services.

If at any point during your trip you feel unsafe, you have been stolen from or intimidated, you need to call the local police.

If at any point you have a medical emergency, you need to contact the local Doctor or hospital.

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